Raju Lama World Record attempt: concert at 6574 m altitude

The lead singer of Mongolian Heart band of Nepal, Raju Lama, has made an attempt to set a World Record by doing a concert at the altitude of 6574 meters on Mount Everest. The location of the performance is between the camp 2 & camp 3 of Mt. Everst. The previous record of such performance was made in 2012 by a British musician. Now, after the approval of Raju’s performance, he will be the new World Record holder.

I did a video report on this feat:

Raju Lama is in the process of climbing the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest. After the performance, he wrote a statement about what it meant to him and the world.
“Performing at the altitude of 6574 meters on Mount Everest ( between camp 2 & 3) was a huge success. It wasn’t easy but loved the thin air, Khumbu icefall and the challenge. And it was probably the highest performance on land ever. The mission was to deliver the awareness message about the climate change and its impact across the globe in everyday life. We the humans are 100 % responsible for this so let’s contribute to combat the global warming & climate change. Every action counts no matter how small it is. Let’s act today so we can leave this beautiful planet for our children & their grand children.”
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Mt. Everest streets in United States – in New York and California

Two streets in the USA are named after the highest mountain, Mt. Everest. One is in New York, Jackson Heights area and another in California.

The New York one was recently named. One of the Councillors of the city inaugurated the street. Nepali people in the area organized a street festival with various cultural programs. The Nepali ambassador and others were also present in the ceremony.

Here is a video report:

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Nisha Adhikari honored for climbing Mt. Everest

The Rotary Club of Nagarjun has honored actress Nisha Adhikari for being the first Rotarian to climb Mt. Everest. As a member of the Club, Nisha had carried a flag of the Club to the top of the Peak. In the ceremony Nisha handed over the flag she took to the top to the Club.

 rotary club honor nisha adhikari

Before that film artists Nisha Adhikari and Arjun Karki were honored by the Film Artist Association. During the program Nisha and Arjun shared their experience of climbing the highest peak in the world. They also talked about the risks and challenges they faced while climbing Mt. Everest.

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Victorious actress Nisha Adhikari received a warm welcome

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari, the first Nepali actress to scale Mt. Everest, arrived in Kathmandu on Friday morning. At the airport, a team of film artists and others welcomed the actress.

Nisha landed in Kathmandu at 11:30 AM. There were film artists including Nawal Khadka, Laxmi Giri, Aakash Khawas, journalists to congratulate and welcome Nisha.

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Nisha Adhikari became the first actress to climb Mt. Everest, will government certificate matter?

Actress Nisha Adhikari made a new record of becoming the first actress to climb Mt. Everest. Although the government might not be interested in giving her the credit, she has made a history. The first film artist to climb Everest, Arjun Karki, had also reached the peak a day earlier making him the first Nepali film artist on the peak.

Due to excessive charge to Nepali citizen to climb the Everest, Nisha and Arjun had to register themselves as climber’s support staffs, high altitude workers. They each saved (and the government lost) about Rs. 2 million (US$ 25,000) in registration fees.

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Nisha Adhikari planning to reach Mt. Everest summit on 21 May

Nepali actress Nisha Adhikari has started her ascent to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. She is heading for the Camp II at 2AM Nepali time. She is expecting the reach the top on May 21, 2013.

In a statement, Nisha told that she is, ‘Nervous, excited, hoping, anticipating and happy that the morning has finally arrived." Nisha thinks that the best thing about climbing the mountain is being in the nature’s ‘majestic lap’ and the sense of unbiasedness.

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Nisha Adhikari to scale Mt. Everest

In a press conference, Actress Nisha Adhikari has announced her plan to scale Mt. Everest soon. Nisha is planning to start her Everest journey on April 6, 2013.

In the press conference organized by the Film Artist Association in Anamnagar, Kathmandu actor Nawal Khadka, actress Karishma Manandhar, actress Basundhara Bhusal, Ramesh Budhathoki, Dinesh DC, Rajesh Payal Rai and others were present to offer their best wishes to Nisha for the journey. Nisha expressed her sadness on the absence of the FDB head, Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita ‘Pappu’ in spite of the invitation.

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Actor Arjun Karki to make Mt. Everest attempt

Actor and producer Arjun Karki has announced that he will attempt to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. In a press conference held by Nepal Film Journalist Association, Arjun told that he will carry holy water from Pashupatinath to the top of Mt. Everest.

While attempting the ascend, Arjun Karki will convey the message to stop child labor, sex assault and violence against women. With him Arjun will also carry National flag of Nepal, flag of Film Artists Association to the top.

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One of the reasons 'India is worth the trip' – Mt. Everest

In an article published in Korea Times, the Indian Ambassador to South Korea, Vishnu Prakash, argued that one of the reasons the North-Eastern part of the country is beautiful because of the existence of Mt. Everest.

The northeastern part of the country where it borders China offers the most beautiful scenic views thanks to Mt. Everest.

The newspaper hasn’t specifically quoted the Ambassador saying the exact words but, it seem to imply that one has to go to India to see Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest h
owever is in the border of Nepal and China, at least 200 km away from the Indian border.

Nepali print and online media have started protest to the statement.

You can read the full article in this link.

Politics on the peak, CPN Maoist team preparing the Mt. Everest ascent

A team comprising of 11 mountaineers including the central committee member of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Krishna KC and Chairman Prachanda’s son Prakash Dahal have headed to climb 6,000 m high Langtang mountain. This climb is in preparation of climbing the Mount Everest.

After the intention to climb the world’s highest peak, party’s team had been practicing mountain climbing for the last few months. After the 20 days climbing training in Langtang, the team is ex
pected to climb Mt. Everest in this year’s season.

The Mt. Everest climbing team includes Krishna KC, Prakash Dahal, Yuvaraj Dulal, Bina Magar, Shivakumar Dangi, Mukunda Pokharel, Dinesh Shrestha, Ishu Bhatta, Madan Chudal and Maheshowr Phuyal.

Our best wishes for the team for the success of Langtang ascent and their ultimate Mt. Everest climbing!

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32 hours on Mt Everest and meditation for world peace

A 30-year-old Nepali guru, Bhakta Kumar Rai, has spent 32 hours on top of the Mount Everest. He reached the top at 5:30 am on May 20 and stayed there till 1 pm the next day. In that time he mediated for the world peace for 27 hours.

Rai has broken the previous record of Babu Chhiri Sherpa who had made the world record by staying on the summit for 21 hours and 30 minutes in 1999. The freezing cold on the top can cause severe frostbite and swelling in the brain, that can even cause death to the less enduring climbers. It was told that in that 32 hours Rai had used oxygen only for 11 hours.

Bhakta Kumar Rai is told to have achieved ‘Supreme Master Godangel’ wh
en he was 18 years old. His followers in countries like Nepal, India, Hong Kong, Britain and Malaysia regard him as a messenger of God to earth to spread peace and eradicate poverty.

The news update of the Heavenly Path website says:

Heavenly Path would like to informed you all that Supreme Master Godangel has been arrived at Base Camp in 6 hrs 20 minutes leaving behind all the Sherpas after 32 hrs of Prayer, Meditation and Request for the World at the Top of the World…

Apa Sherpa's 21st Mt. Everest ascent breaks his own record

Apa Sherpa has yet again broken his own record of climbing the Mt. Everst for the 21st time. He has been breaking his own records that he made in 1999, every year (except in 2001) for the last ten years.

Apa reached  the top of the world at 9:15 in the morning of May 11, 2011. The 51 year-old Sherpa was one of the team of four Nepali, a Swiss national, and and an American national in the climbing.

The historical data of his Mt. Everest climbing started in 1990 and he has been climbing the peak almost every years, with twice in 1992 and pauses in 1996, 1977, 1998 and 2001. Although, he announced retirement after his 12th summit in 2002, he couldn’t help himself and was on the top next year. The dates of his climbs are:

  1. May 10, 1990
  2. May 8, 1991
  3. May 12, 1992
  4. October 7, 1992
  5. May 10, 1993
  6. October 10, 1994
  7. May 15, 1995
  8. October 26, 1999
  9. May 20, 1998
  10. May 26, 1999 (Start of World Record feat … and continues breaking his own recrods)
  11. May 24, 2000
  12. May 16, 2002
  13. May 26, 2003
  14. May 17, 2004
  15. May 31, 2005
  16. May 19, 2006
  17. May 16, 2007
  18. May 22, 2008
  19. May 21, 2009
  20. May 21, 2010
  21. May 11, 2011

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