Padmini tune stolen from Hindi film Bol Bachchan

The tune of one of the songs of today’s solo release ‘Padmini’, is found to be copied from a Hindi film, ‘Bol Bachchan’.  Although the words are in Nepali rather than Hindi in the original song, the music is exactly the same.

It is common in Nepali movies to copy scenes, music, posters, stories, and even movie names from Hindi movies. In the past, we had compiled a list of Nepali movie posters that were copied from foreign movies – a height of plagiarism!

Due to the creativity crisis many of the Nepali movies don’t do well in theaters. Because of such irresponsibility in movie makers, many Nepali viewers prefer to watch foreign movies.

‘Padmini’ features Nisha Adhikari, Sarita Giri and Anil Thapa in main roles.

In another report, one of the lead actress in the movie, Sarita Giri wasn’t much happy that about only Nisha Adhikari being featured in the poster. And, she apparently wasn’t asked to held in the promotion of the movie.

We have compiled the tunes in the following video to show how the songs are similar:

(not available now)

If you want to listen the full songs to compare the two here they are:

Bollywood film “Bol Bachchan” film’s “Chalaao Na …”

Now Nepali movie ‘Padmini’s song “Dil todera najaau baru…”

-Not available-

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