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The Nepali movie “Palpalma” was being screened in Hong Kong but it is not known when it will come to the theaters in Nepal. The Censor Board of Nepal has decided that the movie is adult in nature and kids under 16 years of age are not permitted to watch it. Debut movie of director Ukesh Dahal and produced by Mr. Harihar Acharya, the movie is told to have a new taste and fresh concept. The movie is even expected to set a new standard in Nepali Movie Industry.

The bed scene photo of the movie has been around before the completion of the movie. The movie was previously said to be coming to the theaters in Kathmandu on the Nepali New Year (Mid-April, 2010) but there is no sign of its release.

‘Palpalma’ is about male sex workers and deals with sexual relationship between people. The bold scenes, never been seen before in a Nepali movie, will surely make it a hot cake among Nepali adults. Main cast in the movie are Ramit Dhungana, Dilip Rayamajhi, Rupa Rana, Sujata Situla, Dilip Gautam, Suman Singh, Bikrant Basnet, Usha, Sashi Khadka, and Asim Rana.

(update – trailer video is not available)

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  1. ramit ji samaya aanukul ko movie ma hajur lai dekhada khushi lagyo.fari fari yo bhanda aajha paschimi savyata ko movie ma dekkhana paiyos …………|

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