Pooja Sharma Birthday – Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu title song released, compare with Prem Geet 2 song

The title song of upcoming movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ was released on the birthday of the lead actress and the producer of the movie, Pooja Sharma. In the birthday celebration held in Kathmandu, the song was release among the film crew members and journalists. In the program, the lead actor Paul Shah also sang the song with the music director Arjun Pokharel.

Video report:

The song features the voices of Sugam Pokharel and Anju Panta. The music is composed by Arjun Pokharel and the lyrics is written by Sudarshan Thapa. The choreographer of the song is Kabiraj Gahatraj.

Prem Geet Sequels

The movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ is an unofficial sequel of ‘Prem Geet’, a super hit movie of 2016. After the success of the movie featuring Pooja Sharma and Pradeep Khadka and directed by Sudarshan Thapa, the director and the producer of the original movie had parted their paths.

The producer Santosh Sen and the lead actor Pradeep Khadka teamed up to produce the official sequel named ‘Prem Geet 2’. Although the title indicates a link to the original movie – the film team has told that there is no link between the two movies. The sequel also won’t have Pooja the lead actress, director Sudarshan Thapa and the musician Arjun Pokharel. These three personalities are considered to be the main factor in the success of the movie because:

  • The movie was successful because of heart touching music – composed by Arjun Pokharel
  • Pooja Sharma’s character was liked by viewers. The scriptwriter, Sudarshan Thapa had written the character in such a way that the character also behaved like the real Pooja Sharma.
  • Of course, the success of a movie depends on the creativity of the director – Sudarshan Thapa
  • features the lead actress and the director of the original movie. The producer and the lad actor of the original movie has however produced another sequel ‘Prem Geet 2’.

The sequel ‘Prem Geet 2’ features the lead actor Pradeep Khadka with Aslesha Thakuri, a new actress. The movie is directed by Ram Sharan Pathak. The title song of ‘Prem Geet 2’ was released recently. Shot in beautiful locations in Thailand, the song became an instant. The viewers have appreciated the sceneries more than the music and the lyrics.

The sequel ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ has the main three personalities of the original movie – the actress, director and the music director. The title song of the movie was released today. The words and the music are also appreciated in addition to the picturesque locations.

Watch the two music videos and compare:

‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu’

‘Prem Geet 2’

Happy birthday to Pooja Sharma and all the best for the movie. I would also like to wish best wishes to ‘Prem Geet 2’ for its success.

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