Poojana Stri says she can get naked in films, if required

Actress Poojana Pradhan has told that she can shed all her clothes in a movie if the story requires so. Poojana was criticized for offering hot bed scenes in the latest movie ‘Rakshya‘.

poojana pradhanbare back in Rakshya

Poojana started her career as a fashion model and her career got a boost when she did bikini shots for an online modeling site. She debuted in the film industry in ‘Hero’ with Rekha Thapa. Although Rekha could become the top actress in the industry, Poojana wasn’t that successful.

Poojana is more talked about non-film stuffs like change in name from Poojana Pradhan to Poojana Stri, her spiritual quest, orphanage, hot scenes, interviews and so on. Although she is more involved in Jayasangat as religious and sober organization, Poojana is only talked about when she adds controversy. She fuels it by stating things like willingness to get naked or offering hot scenes not expected from a nun-like image for the last few years.

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