Prachanda Stotra

We used to read a lot of such poems in the past. In the ancient time, the gods used to be worshipped by reciting/singing the poem (like the one worshiping Bagalamukhi). We still use them to worship the gods. Some leaders might look like god to some poet and they might feel like worshiping in similar manner – like the poem below.


But, in later years, the kings used to be the subject of a lot of poems. Worshiping person is not something people prefer, unless they have some vested interest. In king’s time, the so called patriotic songs used to be full of pr
aises of the kings.

It is a matter of debate whether such poems should be written (or, promoted). The poem was posted by the son of Prachanda, Prakash Dahal, in his Facebook profile. Some of the comments had questioned the relevancy of the poem. 

Do you think such poems should be written? Or, should we praise such poets? You can also view comments in the photo page in Facebook.

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