Sweta Khadka writes a tragic poem in remembrance of Shree Krishna Shrestha

On the 45 days of the death of actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, his wife actress Sweta Khadka has written a tragic poem. Sweta had shared the untitled poem in her Facebook page.

In the poem Sweta has stated that she has been crying for the last 45 days and has been living with pain in her heart. She has wished the soul of Shree Krishna an eternal peace. In earlier statements, Sweta had told that she won’t be able to forget Shree Krishna and that she won’t be happy again. The poem (attached below) tries to state the same thing.

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Rajesh Hamal Poem recital in Australia

Rajesh Hamal recently celebrated his 50th birthday and Silver Jubilee of his contribution to the Nepali film industry in Sydney, Australia. In the program recited a poem written on his own life.

The poem is a true representation of what Rajesh thinks himself as. He has summarized his life as an actor, his belief and his future direction. You can listen to the Nepali poem in the following video. For your convenience, I have also typed it and posted at the end of the post.

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Road literature – Priceless love

A heart touching piece written on the back of a truck was captured by journalist Dipak Bhattarai.

Shundar rahechha timro muhar ma dukhile chinna sakina
Amulya rahechha timro maya ma garib le kinna sakina…

I tried translating it, but couldn’t replicate its sweetness. So, all I can say about the piece in English is the essence of the lines: "I couldn’t buy your love because it was priceless."

Prachanda Stotra

We used to read a lot of such poems in the past. In the ancient time, the gods used to be worshipped by reciting/singing the poem (like the one worshiping Bagalamukhi). We still use them to worship the gods. Some leaders might look like god to some poet and they might feel like worshiping in similar manner – like the poem below.

But, in later years, the kings used to be the subject of a lot of poems. Worshiping person is not something people prefer, unless they have some vested interest. In king’s time, the so called patriotic songs used to be full of pr
aises of the kings.

It is a matter of debate whether such poems should be written (or, promoted). The poem was posted by the son of Prachanda, Prakash Dahal, in his Facebook profile. Some of the comments had questioned the relevancy of the poem. 

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Biography of Laxmi Prasad Devkota – Nepali Mahakavi

Gifted poet Laxmi Prasad Devkota born on the festival of the Goddess of wealth “Laxmi Puja” and so named as a present from the Goddess Laxmi. But he turned out to be wealthier in knowledge and wisdom rather than in money and riches. He was known as Mahakabi, the great poet, and lived and died a poor man.

Biography of Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Lakshmi Prasad Devkota was born on November 12, 1909 (1966 BS) on the night of Laxmi Pooja festival in Dillibazar, Kathmandu. His father Teel Madhav Devkota and mother Amar Rajyalakshmi Devi regarded him as the gift from the goddess Laxmi and named him Laxmi Pradad. Devkota is known as the greatest poet of Nepal, and has been given the title of “Maha Kavi” (“The Great Poet”).
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