Prakash Saput: a house in Kathamndu and Rs. 5M car, music pays well!

Being an artist and earning a good sum of money in Nepal is not that easy. In such a odd situation, singer Prakash Saput is an exception. He has earned a lot and has built a house in Kathmandu and has also bought a new car.

Pakash Saput has shared the news by sharing the photos of his new car. The new car is a white Hundai Creta 2019. He has paid the cost in full and has told that, “My dream, struggle, creation, success! Your support, help and best wishes. It might be an inspiration to those who like to dream – “even the artists can have their own car. This is my life’s first car – Hundai Creta 2019 !”

Prakash Saput is one of the most talented singer and musician in the Nepali entertainment industry. Some of his songs like ‘Galbandi’ are very popular among Nepali audiance. By his earning he had bought a house two years ago.

Congratulation to Prakash Saput on his success and we at wish him even more success in coming days. Please comment with your wishes.

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