Nepali Actress who changed their original names – Karishma to Jenny Kunwar

Wishing Jenny Kunwar soul rest in peace, let’s see how actresses changed names after they entered film industry.

Jenny Kunwar’s original name was Janaki Kunwar. In the credit of her first movie ‘Jindagani’, her name is original name. The movie featuring Dilip Rayamajhi, Karishma Manandhar, Pooja Chand, Rajesh Hamal in main roles has Jenny’s original name Janaki Kunwar in the credit. Later she became popular as Jenny.

Having an old fashioned name is considered an hurdle to success. So, a lot of artists change their name to cachy and interesting one. Changing the name doesn’t change their official name. So, they have different popular names and different official names on official documents. In the past, the producers and the directors suggested names to actresses.

A lot of Nepali actresses have changed their names either by their own decision or on the suggestion of film producers and directors. Here are some of the original names and the changed/popular names of Nepali actress:

One of the most popular name change is that of Karishma Manandhar. Originally, Bunu KC, Karishma entered the Nepali film industry through 1988 film ‘Santan’. Karishma says that she was 14-years-old at that time. Her original name was Bunu KC. Her mentor and friend suggested the name Karishma. She liked the name and named herself Karishma KC. Later, she married film producer Binod Manandhar and became popular as Karishma Manandhar.

Actress Mina Ghimire added ‘Su’ in her name and became Sumina. She was featured in Gyanendra Deuja film ‘Chhabilal Kanjus Chaina’.

‘Parkhi Basen’ debut actress Yuna Upereti’s real name is Yamuna.

Janaki KC debuted in the Nepali movie “Ho Yehi Maya Ho’. She changed her name to Jiya KC. Jiya became popular for her controversial role in ‘ATM’ and other similar movies. These days, she is told to be in relationship with Bhuwan KC and she is helping Bhuwan in film production works.

Actress Yuna Upreti debuted in Deepak Shrestha’s movie ‘Parkhe Base’. Her original name was Yamuna Upreti but changed to Yuna and became popular in films like ‘Pahilo Pahilo Maya’. These days, Yuna lives in USA with her husband.

Bishnu Kumari Pariyar changed her name to Prerana Sharma and became popular in Nepali film industry.

Similarly, Pooja Chand (now Pooja Lama) is originally Radhika Pariyar. Pooja is married to singer Raju Lama and is currently living in USA.

Actress Melina Manandhar was originally Sunita Manandhar.

Poojana Stri’s real name is Pooja Pradhan. She changed her name to Poojana Pradhan and later changed her last name to Stri. These days, Poojana is also living in the USA.

Old name – New/popular names

Bunu KC – Karishma Manandhar
Mina Ghimire – Sumina Ghimire
Yamuna Upreti – Yuna Upreti
Janaki KC – Jiya KC
Jyoti Khadka – Jesika Khadka
Bishnu Kumari Pariyar – Prerana Sharma
Janaki Kunwar – Jenny Kunwar
Radhika Pariyar – Puja Chand
Sunita Manandhar – Melina Manandhar
Poojana Pradhan – Poojana Stri

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