R.I.P. FAAN Chairman, Ram Kishor Bogati

Ram Kishor Bogati has died in an accident near home at Tikathali. Bogati was looking at the progress of cutting of some trees near the local temple when the accident happened. The tree fell and bumped on the electricity wire causing impact to the transmission poles. The broken poles bumped on Bogati killing him instantly. According to reports, Ram Kishor was pronounced dead when he was rushed to BNB Hospital.

Video report:

According to reports, the incident is being investigated by the police before the last rituals on his body is held. Bogati is the father of two sons and two daughters. According to one of his neighbours, one of Bogati’s son in living in the USA and other in Nepal. One of Bogati’s daughter in living in Australia and another in Nepal. His family will make the final decision of his last rituals after his son and daughter return from foreign countries.

Before the ill-fated incident, Ram Kishor Bogati had participated in a program and was planning to attend another program. He was only observing the progress of tree cutting. The Pipal trees were being cut to prevent them from interfering with the electricity transmission line. The money raised from the tree cutting was supposed to be used in the local temple. Ram Kishor Bogati had been one of the most active social workers in his area.

Ram Kishor Bogati was elected the chairman of Rilm Artists Association of Nepal (FAAN) in the election held in 2016. Actress Sarita Lamichhane, the general secretary of FAAN is coordinating with Bogati’s family on the incient.

The organization FAAN has been organizing various programs for the benefit of the film artists in Nepal. FAAN Award is one of such events that award film artists in Nepali film industry.

Bogati was 58 years old. The film industry is mourning the untimely death of Bogati. I hope the soul of Bogati rest in peace.

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