Is Namrata Shrestha cashing on the scandal ?

The scandal actress Namrata Shrestha went through about a decade ago – right after the release of her second movie, ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’, is going to be revived again this year. According to reports, a novel is being written about the scandal and Namrata Shrestha. The novel that is to be named yet is bing written by Sabin Priyadarshani, a journalist fro Dang.

A video report about the report:

The scandal of Namrata Shrestha caused a lot of pressure on Namrata Shrestha. She went into hiding and there was an extensive debate on what a person should do about their personal moments. Some debated that such moments shouldn’t be recorded as the digital world is unpredictable. Others debated that personal moments should be kept personal and nobody should have the right to publish it in public. The debate is still going and there is no final decision.

One thing is clear, such things are undesirable and should be protected. They shouldn’t be the topic of public scrutiny.

It seems, actress Namrata had decided to cash on the incident by selling her story to a journalist.

The journalist has clearly told that he has obtained permission of the actress before he started writing it. He has also supplied the manuscript of the novel to the actress and has received the comments to finalize the novel. Based on the information, it is clear that the novel won’t have the controversial contents. I believe, a lot of potential readers would not want to spend their money and time on such novels. But, there still will have a lot of readers who would like to peek into actress Namrata Shrestha’s life. After all, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the film industry. They will also have all the tools to satisfy their fantasies.

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