Rajesh Hamal featured in US Embassy PSA for visa fraud awareness

The US Embassy Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring Rajesh Hamal is recently released in Nepali media. The Embassy had selected Rajesh Hamal to convey the message that, no private organization can influence the issuance of US Embassy Visa. It is only the Counselor of the embassy who decide to issue the visa and nobody can influence his/her decision. It is another story that, Rajesh Hamal’s US visa application was rejected in January of 2009.


The US Embassy has told that the PSA is created “to warn student applicants about false promises from unscrupulous student visa consultants.”

The video advertisement is being aired in popular TV channels in Nepal and print edition of ad is published in Nepali newspaper media.

You can see the print edition of the ad in the photo attached above and the video version of the PSA can be watched in the YouTube video below:

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