Rajesh Hamal featured in US Embassy PSA for visa fraud awareness

The US Embassy Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring Rajesh Hamal is recently released in Nepali media. The Embassy had selected Rajesh Hamal to convey the message that, no private organization can influence the issuance of US Embassy Visa. It is only the Counselor of the embassy who decide to issue the visa and nobody can influence his/her decision. It is another story that, Rajesh Hamal’s US visa application was rejected in January of 2009.

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Reverse trend – now it's not Wikileaks that goes offline

MasterCard was forced offline for hours by an online assault, led by a group of hackers, to protest against MasterCard’s decision to block WikiLeaks donation. After temporarily taking offline the websites of Post Finance, the Swiss bank which closed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s account, the same group was responsible to the DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack on MasterCard website.

In contrast to that, with numerous mirrors, Wikileaks now is highly unlikely to be taken offline as before. Some researchers suggest that it has grown in such a scale that, it is nearly immune to takedown. 14 different name servers across 11 different networks make wikileaks.ch a lot less vulnerable than wikileaks.org. In addition to that, about 1000 mirror sites all over the world are mirroring the whole of its content, making it difficult to censor the contents.

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