Rajesh Hamal US tour and Bhai Tika (Photo essay)

Actor Rajesh Hamal is currently in the USA. He was invited by actress Jal Shah to participate in a cultural program held in Salt Lake City on November 1. After the program, Rajesh is meeting his relatives and having fun. I have compiled photos Rajesh has shared to give you the glimpse of the places he went and the people he met.

On a October 29 post Rajesh said, “In 48 hours I have moved from lush green jungles of Chitwan to concrete jungle called New York.” That was poste from Summit, NJ. In the photos he is wearing a rough jeans torn at the knees.

rajesh hamal in nyc

On October 27 he was playing with elephants in Chitwan. The following photos is

rajesh hamal with elephant

On October 31, Halloween day, Rajesh was at Jal Shah’s house. He shared photos of himself with the actress and with the trick-or-treating kids. For some reason, Rajesh later deleted those photos. Here is one of those photos:

jal shah and rajesh hamal in Salt Lake City on Halloween

Rajesh participated in the cultural program on November 1.

Jal Shah’s husband Sarad Rimal took Rajesh Hamal for a tour in the surrounding hills of Salt Lake City. A photo of Sarad Rimal and Rajesh Hamal:

rajesh hamal and sarad rimal

On the next day, Rajesh was at a soccer match in Columbus, Ohio.

soccer match rajesh hamal columbus

On the next day, he spent the day with his sister Dr. Rupa. He visited her dental clinic at Ohio State University and he toured some part of the university. The brother and sister also had lunch together. Hamal will be celebrating the Tihar festival with his sister this year.

rajesh hamal at university with sister

rajesh hamal and his siter dr rupa

Rajesha and his sister Rupa celebrated Bhai Tika on Friday, November 13.

rajesh hamal bhaitika 20151

rajesh hamal bhaitika 20152

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