Rajesh Hamal warm welcome in Tanahun, has he left the film industry?

My artist of the month, Rajesh Hamal, participated in the 36th annual program of Radha High School, Tanahun on January 23, 2017. In the program. One of the buildings of the school was rebuilt bye Ghashi Adharsha Samaj. Hamal was the chief guest in the building handing over ceremony. He inaugurated the building and handed it over to the school administration. Hamal is also the ambassador of Ghashi Samaj.

Has Rajesh Hamal left the film industry?

These days, Rajesh Hamal is busy in various programs in country and out of country. He hasn’t signed in any movies these days. After the failure of highly anticipated movies like ‘Bagmati’ and ‘Shakuntala’, Rajesh Hamal has been studying scripts before accepting proposals.

It seems, Hamal is busy in non-film related stuffs that he has forgotten the field that made him known to the public. In the stage programs, he still tells the dialogues of his movies, he dances on the songs of the movies. It seems, people still want to see Hamal in movies.

A video report on recent stage shows:

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