Priyanka Ex marrying in the USA, Priyanka Karki fainted in Radhey shooting location

Is there a relationship between fainting of Priyanka Karki and the marriage of ex-husband Rochak Mainali with another girl?

I hope not !

Report 1 – Priyanka Karki’s ex-husband, a resident of New York, Rochak Mainali, is going to marry Anshuma Kharel in the USA.

Report 2 – Priyanka Karki had fainted in the sets of upcoming movie, ‘Radhey’ at Kalinchowk of Dolkha.

Both of these reports are recent reports. There is nothing to worry about Priyanka as she has recovered and finished the shooting of the song and has already returned back to Kathmandu. But, are these reports related in any ways?

Video report:

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RIP Panna Kaji Shakya, 85 years old singer of Tiriri Murali Bajyo Banaima died

The year 2016 had been a tragic year in term of losing Nepali artists. The trend continues in 2017. In the beginning of the year, we lost 79 years old Bishnu Bhakta Phuyal when he died while acting in a play on January 3, 2017. Then came another tragic news when singer Yama Buddha, Anil Pokharel took his own life in London on January 14, 2017. Now, on January 25, 2017 another musician, Panna Kaji has died.

The singer of ‘Tiriri Murali Bajyo Banaima’, 85-years-old Panna Kaji had died of his old age. He was sick for a long time and had died in his home at Teku.

Panna Kaji started singing in 2004 BS and he sang his first song in Radio Nepal in 2008 BS. He however had to wait 8 more years before recording his first song in 2016 BS. After serving in Radio Nepal for a long time, he retired in 2040 BS.
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Rajesh Hamal warm welcome in Tanahun, has he left the film industry?

My artist of the month, Rajesh Hamal, participated in the 36th annual program of Radha High School, Tanahun on January 23, 2017. In the program. One of the buildings of the school was rebuilt bye Ghashi Adharsha Samaj. Hamal was the chief guest in the building handing over ceremony. He inaugurated the building and handed it over to the school administration. Hamal is also the ambassador of Ghashi Samaj.

Has Rajesh Hamal left the film industry?

These days, Rajesh Hamal is busy in various programs in country and out of country. He hasn’t signed in any movies these days. After the failure of highly anticipated movies like ‘Bagmati’ and ‘Shakuntala’, Rajesh Hamal has been studying scripts before accepting proposals.
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Nikhil Upreti and Neeta Dhungana – Khullam Khulla

A song of upcoming movie of action star Nikhil Upreti and Neeta Dhungana – ‘Nirbhay’ is released. The movie by Prasiddhi Cine Arts, ‘Nirbhay’ is an action movie with love story. The song titled ‘Khullam Khulla Pyar’ features Nikhil and Neeta.

The song featuring the voices of Pramod Kharel and Anju Panta is romantic song. The choreographer of the song is Ramji Lamichhane and features an attractive music.
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