RIP Thinley Lhondup, Caravan (Himalaya) actor died in Dolpa

The actor of a 1999 movie, ‘Himalaya’ (also known as Caravan) Thilen Lhondup (Thinley) has died in Dolpa after falling from a horse. The 72 years old actor was also undergoing treatment for stomach cancer.

The movie made on the lifestyle of Upper Dolpa area, ‘Himalaya’, directed by French director Eric Valli had been very popular in international film circle. The movie was also nominated in the Oscars.

Thilen had fallen from the horse while going to Chhipka from Dunai of Dolpa. A mule had kicked the horse causing the horse to fall with Thilen. The horse had died at the scene. A tourist saw wounded Thilen and had carried him to Chhipka. Thilen died at 5 PM, before he could be air lifted to Kathmandu for treatment.

Watch an interview of Thinley Lhondup by Shanta Nepali (a 3 years old interview)

Another interview for TTV

Himalaya (Caravan)

The movie was the first Nepalese film to be nominated in the Best Foreign Film category at the 72nd Academy Awards. Set in the Himalayan region of Nepal, the movie is the story of Nepali villagers who take a caravan of yaks across the mountain carrying rock salt from the high plateau to the lowlands to trade for grains. The annual ritual of the villagers provide grains for the villagers. The movie is a struggle between the old leader and the youth in the village.

Shot in the location over nine months with all the characters by the real locals is unique in being truly original movie. The director Eric Valli had lived in Nepal since 1983 as a photographer and an author.

I with the soul of Thinley Lhondup rest in peace.

Watch the movie:

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