Rohit Timilsina – 4 Guinness world records and his quest for more

COMING SOON – An exclusive interview with Rohit Timilsina, in which he has revealed his future plans

rohit-Timilsina-21-tennis-ball-record 25 years old Nepali, Rohit Timilsina, is renowned by his records in the Guinness Book of World record. Rohit has registered his name in the recrod book by performing various amazing acts. It was not only once or twice, he has four different titles of world record.

Rohit’s records include:

  1. World’s longest continuous handshake for 33 hours 3 minutes (January, 16, 2011)
  2. Record kissing 116 people in one minute (December 21, 2009)
  3. Holding 24 golf balls in one hand for 10 seconds (On 15 May, 2010). This record was equal to the previous record by a Canadian, Guillaume Doyon, on 30 November, 2009.
  4. Holding the most tennis balls (21 balls) in one hand for 14.32 seconds. (On June 14, 2008)

Rohit shares the record of the longest hand shake with his brother Santosh Timilsina, and two New Zealanders Alastair Galpin and Don Purdon. The feat was achieved in Times Square in New York, New York, USA, on 16 January 2011.

Rohit is a Karate black belt and a school teacher by profession. Rohit told that the kissing record was done to spread the message that kissing a person with HIV AIDS won’t transmit the disease and to reduce discrimination against the people with the disease. The record was done on World Aids Day and the person he kissed included some persons with HIV AIDS.


After breaking such world records Rohit started to support fund raising for many welfare organizations. He has donated huge amount of money from his prize too. The Nepalese Government recently appointed him as good will ambassador for Nepal Tourism year 2011.

A short documentary about Rohit (made in 2010):


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