Shovita Simkhada sizzling in Qatar

These days actress Shovita Simkhada is living in Qatar with her husband. Well, it’s not that Shovita wear Burkha all the time while living in Qatar. She can get quite hot and sizzling at times. See some sample photo below:

Even while living in Qatar, Shovita is as busy in acting and modeling as she was in Nepal. She is currently doing a music video of Nabin K. Bhattarai. The hot music video is being directed by Bhabindra Ta

Apart from working in entertainment business, she is also helping her husband in his business in Qatar. Shovita’s relocation to Qatar has made it easy for the local organizers of Nepali programs.

While living in Qatar Shovita says that she misses Nepal but, she also added, she is reading scripts of three movies now. It’s not sure which movie (or movies) she will be doing in future. But, that is a sure sign that she still has future in Nepali movies although she is not living in Nepal.

About the upcoming biggest Nepali festival, she has no plans to re
turn back to Nepal in this Dashain. That confirms Shovita’s presence in the Dashin programs in Qatar.

Have fun guys in Qatar!

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