Shrinkhala controversy – Christmas hat to Chepang kids

Shrinkhala has gone through a controversy over her social work. She had donated some of the warm clothes she and her team had collected in Kathmandu to the Chepang community she is helping by building a health camp. The Christmas hat she gave the Chepang kids was questioned by some who thought she was promoting the Christian religion to the kids.

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She however was donating some much needed clothes to the local people:

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Namaste sabailai! It's been long since I last posted. I've been occupied with site visit, meetings, interviews and catching up with friends and family. Last week, we went back to the Chepang village with 3 trucks full of Nyano maya. A massive project of providing warm layers of clothes, blankets and mattresses to 5 villages of Kailash, done in such short span! A big thanks to the efforts of @sisanbaniya, all the donors, everyone who came for the charity sushi event, the charity Futsal tournament, the sponsers, Rotaract club of Thames College, and countless other people who supported the project in any possible way. I'm so grateful to see the entire countrymen coming together to help the Chepang community. This shows the power of youth, social media and our voices. The project was initiated by @sisanbaniya with Project Nyano with an aim of 200 blankets. With the overwhelming amount of support, we ended up collecting 11000kgs (this is the final stat) of old clothes. 180kgs of wearable ones were distributed 3 weeks back. Remaining were turned into 5kg blankets and 15 kg mattresses. We ended up with 10 times more than what we started out with. This project was done when I was in Sanya. Every single credit goes to the names mentioned above. This project has strengthened my belief that collective efforts can bring us closer to one simple goal of a Happy World. 🌍 We've got this! 😊 #missnepal2018 #bwap

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These were the controversial posts:


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