Suman Singh biography and Suman Singh movies

Suman Singh is one of the well known actors in the modern Nepali movies. Suman was at the height of popularity a while ago.

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suman singh in car

Before starting acting, Suman was involved in sports. He was particularly keen in gymnastics and was also a very good boxing player. At the time of grade 11 he was selected to represent Nepal in boxing game in SAF game. At the time of the closed training in Pokhara, his friends and seniors had suggested to act in movies. Although he refused such a thing as acting as he had never thought about it before, deep within he wanted to test how it feels like to act in movies.

At the time of his elder sister’s wedding he talked with the people in movie sector and wanted to try his luck. He also started training in an acting training institute in Kathmandu.

Originally from Dhangadi, Suman moved to Kathmandu in 2001. He debuted acting in Laya Sangraula television serial, titled ‘Kathmandu’. In the serial, he represented young generation addict’s role in the serial. During the shooting of the serial Jitu Nepal asked him if he wanted a role in movies. Jitu connected Suman with Tulsi Ghimire. Suman considers Tulsi his ultimate teacher in the Nepali film industry.

In a short time, Suman Singh acted in a lot of movies and then he decided to choose the good movies. It seems, his decision has made himself lost in the Nepali movie industry.

Suman Singh’s interview in HK Darpan

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Some Suman Singh photos:

Suman Singh’s mother.

Suman Singh with sister and her husband

Suman Singh Dashain, 2015

Suman Singh Tihar, 2015