Sumi Moktan bikini avatar in Veitnam, Miss Tamang 2012 and Jhyanakuti actress

One of the actresses of Nisha Adhikari’s production ‘Jhyanakuti’ , Sumi Moktan, isn’t better knowen as Miss Tamang of 2012 than actress. The movie had Benisha Hamal in leading role. Actress Nisha Adhikari preferred to remain in the background. Although the movie didn’t make a huge success, it could recover the investment. The movie was lucky in the life of Nisha. She got married while the film was being produced. She also got pregnant at the time of the film’s release.

This is about Sumi rather than Nisha. Sumi Moktan is known for bold avatar and she prefers to show off her body whenever she can. While travelling to Veitnam recently, Sumi had done some bikini photoshot in the beach there.

Here are some of the photos of the hot actress:

The Miss Tamang grand finale was held on 14th Magh 2068 (January 28, 2012) in Tudikhel open theatre during the celebration of Duk Loshar. It is to be noted, the Miss Tamang of the year 2006 later became the Miss Nepal of 2009. There is no information about Sumi Moktan trying Miss Nepal contest.

About ‘Jhyanakuti’

The movie ‘Jhayanakuti’ was the released on November 17, 2017 in theatre all over Nepal. The producer Nisha Adhikari got married while the film was being produced. So, the release date was delayed from August to November.

While the film was being shot in Chitwan, Nisha Adhikari decided to marry her boyfriend Sharad Veshwakar in June. She left the film shooting team in Chitwan – causing the the release date to be delayed by three months.

At the time of this writing, Nisha Adhikari is in the USA. She is planning to stay there to give birth to her first child. While being in the USA, she is also screening the movie in various cities in the USA. She had reportedly issues with the pollution in Kathmandu and decided to go to the USA for the childbirth.

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