Sunkali and Love You Baba screened in Shinokubo Film Festival in Japan

The movie by the world record holder youngest director, Saugat Bista, is being screened in a film festival in Japan on August 16. With ‘Love You Baba’, Bhojraj Bhatt movie ‘Sunkali’ is also being featured in  Shinokubo Film Festival, in Japan. The festival started on August 15 in Tokyo. (we wrote about the participation of the films in our previous post.)

saugat bista japan film festival

The world record holder 8-years-old Saugat Bista is participating in the festival with his mother. Similarly, ‘Sunakali’ maker, Bhojraj Bhatt, has also told that the movie show was a success.

The first show of ‘Sunakali’ was held on August 17 and another show is scheduled for August 18. The show of ‘Love You Baba’ was held on August 16 and the next show is on August 20.

bhoj raj bhatt sunakali

Some more photos of Saugat in Japan:

saugat bista japan festival1

saugat bista japan festival3

saugat bista japan festival2

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