Sushma Karki item song of Gupt film, are people missing the Udreko Choli girl?

While music videos of songs get millions of views in a couple of days, the item song of popular actress and item dancer, Sushma Karki didn’t get much views in it’s initial days.

The item song of upcoming movie ‘Gupt’ titled “Ma Aankh Maridinchu” got a lukewarm support from the viewers. While others are showing-off millions of views, the cover art of the song (proudly) shows 100K views, and features a hot photo of the actress. It is interesting, the photo on the cover is not even from the it represents.

Does that mean, the days of Sushma Karki are over?

But, when I looked in the comments in the song, most of them are positive and at the time of this writing the views stats is 152,113 views with 1.7K likes and only 264 dislikes. I think, the video will get a better viewership in coming day (finger crossed).

Watch the video:

Details of the song Nepali Movie “Gupt” song by Monsoon Films Pvt.Ltd.

Song title: Ma Aankh Maridinchu. The song is recorded in the voice of singer – Sahima Shrestha, the song writer is Raaj Karmakar, music composer is Sajan Shah and cinemaographer is Dipson Dangol.

The movie features artists – Sushma Karki, Bharat Karki, Naafe Khan, Sandip Sigdel,Anshu Thapa, Bishowaraj Dhakal,Neeva Adhikari, Binod Sigdel & Ranju Limbu in main roles. The film is edited by Shakti Prajwal Ghimire and directed by Raj Roy & Bhojraj Ghimire. The makeup artists of the film are Sdn Magarati, Manoj Lama & Anupam. It has been quite a while since Sushma was last seen in big screen. She isn’t active in modelling or acting. Her demand in stage show has also diminished these days. There isn’t much news about Shushma’s whereabout.

I hope the movie will spark a new interst in one of the hottest actress in the film industry – the “Udhreko Choli’ girl.

What do you think of the song and the artists. Please comment.

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