Yatra Vlog, teaser analysis

The teaser of ‘Yatra’ a musical vlog has nothing exciting about it. The movie by debut director Samrat Shakya features young artists in the movie. The ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ actor, Salin Man Baniya is in leading role opposite to Malika Mahat. The movie also features Salon Basnet, Janvi Basnet, Jayanada Lama, Rayer Rai, Dhiren Shakya and Prekshya Bajracharya. The movie is about the ups and downs of travelling. The love, friendship and other relationship aspects of the characters are presented in the musical film.

The teaser however feels like an usual love story. At least for me, it fails to give a new perspective of a travel. It doesn’t sound like anything interesting to set aside hours and spend money to go to theatre to watch the movie. I think the teaser fails on it’s purpose to excite the viewers to go to watch the film.

If the producers had wanted to tell who are in the film, they could have release a song -that would be a lot more effective advertisement.

I hope, I am wrong in my prediction of the movie. I hope the teaser is not what the real movie is like. Let’s hope ‘Yatra’ is much more interesting than the teaser. I hope there is a lot more in the film and hope to watch interesting musical score in coming days.

All the best to the team.

NOTE: This is an honest interpretation of the teaser. Anand Nepal or the xenepal team has never met or talked to any of the Nepali film industry personnel (no interview or anything) I don’t know anybody in the industry. None of my relatives are in the industry. I have absolutely no relationship with the industry except to write about it. So, what I write is unbiased truth and nothing but truth (I hope you had already felt it based on my previous articles.)

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