Sweta Khadka comeback next year, social work on Shree Krishna birthday

In a  report, actress Sweta Khadka is planning a comeback in her home production movie next year. The news came after the recent report of Sweta’s normal life and the return of her smile.

Video report (comeback news towards the end of the report):

Sweta had been mourning the death of her husband of a month, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha who died a month after their marriage last year.

According to report, Sweta is planning to get back into modeling, acting and film production. She reportedly is reviewing three scripts and is planning a movie with herself in it. Like other successful movies, there is a possibility that one of Sweta’s movie might be the sequel of Shree Krishna’s last movie ‘Kohnoor’. Although Sweta hasn’t told so, there is a high chance of the production of the sequel.

sweta khadka beauty

Sweta has also told that she has received various offers from other banners. She has told that because of being busy in the scripts of home production, she hasn’t agreed to do any of those movies in other banners yet. She however hasn’t ruled out the possibility of acting in movies in the banners other than her home production.

Sweta distributed warm clothes to orphan to celebrate Shree Krishna’s birthday

On Poush 14, the birthday of Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta went to a orphanage to donate warm clothes. With Sweta choreographer Basanta Shrestha was also there to distribute the warm clothes.

Sweta told that Shree Krishna used to donated the needy people on his birthday. Because of his kind nature, Sweta told, that she was attracted towards him.

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