Nepali Movie – Kohinoor (Shree Krishna, Shweta Khadka)

Nepali Movie – Kohinoor
Starring – Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta Khadka etc.
Director – Aakash Adhikari

About ‘Kohinoor’

The last movie of Shree Krishna Shrestha was produced by Shree Krishna himself. The movie was released a day before Shree’s death.
A presentation of Nepa Movies, ‘Kohinoor’ is the second movie of Shree Krishan Shrestha as a producer. Shree Krishna’s debut movie as producer and debut movie of Sweta Khadka ‘Kaha Bhetiyala‘ became a super hit movie. The affair between Sweta and Shree started in the movie and converted into marriage recently. The movie written and directed by Aakash Adhikari is jointly produce by Sweta, Shree Krishna, Shankar Shrestha and Chandra Prasad Shrestha.

The movie features music of Shambhujit Baskota, choreography of Basanta Shrestha, action of Rajendra Khadgi, cinematography of Raju Bikram Thapa and editing of Banish Shah. The script and dialogue is written by Ram Thapa and the lyrics are written by Kiran Kharal, Dr. Krishnahari Baral, Sundar Shrestha and Aakash Adhikari.

Watch the full movie here:
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Kanchhi song, Shweta Khadka and Dayahang Rai onscreen chemistry

This is a huge moment for actress Shweta Khadka. After a long depression, the actress has made a comeback in the film industry as an actress and a producer of her upcoming movie ‘Kanchhi’. The first song of the movie released today shows a lot of potential. In an event held in Kathmandu on November 2, the song made on a folk tune – ‘Chari Chatta Pari…’ of the movie was released. The song made on the lyrics and the music of Rajanraj Siwakoti features Rajan Raj with Anju Panta’s voice.

The song features the choreography of Basanta Shrestha and features Shweta Khadka with Dayahang Rai and Prajjwal Sujal Giri. ‘Kanchhi’ is shot in locations like Mustang, Upper Mustang, Jomsom and Kathmandu.
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Sweta Khadka celebrated Dashain for the first time after Shree Krishna’s death

Actress Sweta Khadka has celebrated Dashain after two years. Before going to her parent’s home, Shweta had taken Dashain tika at her home (Shree Krishna’s home). She took Dashain Tika from her parents for the first time after the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha in 2014. Shweta’s 93-years-old father gave blessing to his daughter, ‘Always be strong, go forward and don’t ever bow low to others’.

In 2014 Shweta didn’t celebrate Dashain because of the death of Shree Krishna and in 2015 because of the death of Shree Krishna’s mother she didn’t take Dashain Tika.
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Inter caste marriages of Nepali actresses, what did Samriddhi Rai say about Rai guys?

Intercaste marriage is still a taboo in Nepali society. People have higher affiliation towards their own religion. Young generations are also obsessed by the caste and even the Gotra, a religious categorization of people in the society. One of the most striking public display of the truth on what the people think about their caste was seen when model and journalist Samriddhi Rai told that she didn’t want to marry the guy in her own caste. She told she didn’t want to look at a Rai guy, because she was forced by her family members to do so. She told she wanted to be a Nepali rather than a girl of Rai-clan.

Samriddhi Rai had to face a lot of protest. She was threatened to be boycotted by the Rai community. When things went nasty, she also released a video with an apology. I did a video report on Samriddhi case. At the time of this writing, the video is watched by 23 K people and there are 79 comments in it. (The video is attached below)

After the Samriddhi Rai incident, I decided to do a small research on the Nepali celebrities who had tied their knot with the partner of different caste. I was surprised to find a lot of celebrities who had chosen the partner of another caste. Preparing a report on all of them would be a long report, so I decided to focus on actresses. Here is the list of 10 actresses who had done inter-caste marriage.

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What is the meaning of Sweta Khadka tattoo?

It is not a new thing that the smile has returned in actress Sweta Khadka‘s face. The only question now is when she is going to return as an actress. Sweta had gone through a long mourning period after the death of her husband Shree Krishna Shrestha. These days she says that the smile has returned to fulfill the dreams of Shree Krishna before his death.

During the press meet of ‘Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra’, Sweta told that she is eager to make a comeback. That means the rumours of Sweta is working in a movie script is true.

Sweta Khadka’s Tattoo

Sweta has engraved a tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo has some numbers in Roman letters. The writing enclosed between two flying birds also contain a pair of red cherries.

The writing reads:


Sweta told that the writing is a date that signifies the most important and happiest time of her life. She didn’t tell the full meaning.

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Sweta Khadka appointed Goodwill Ambassador of campaign against child marriage and dowry system

Actress Sweta Khadka seems to have recovered from the mourning of the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha. In the program held to appoint her the Goodwill Ambassador of a campaign to eradicate childhood marriage and dowry system, Sweta looked like the old Sweta, happy and beautiful. Her smile has returned back and she was excited to participate in the social work. She told that she was promoting the campaign without any pay.

Video report on Sweta Khadka’s appointment as the goodwill ambassador:

Actor Dr. CK Singh is also supporting the campaign started by Raj Kumar Mahato. In 2014, I wrote about actress Garima Pant and CK Singh’s participation in a NGO to eradicate child marriage and dowry. The film artists had participated in the campaign to create awareness in the issues. Sweta’s role seem to be similar although the name of the organization has changed now. In 2014, the NGO was named BHORE. Now, the name of the organization is changed to Child Marriage and Dowry Eradication National Campaign, Nepal.

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Sweta Khadka comeback next year, social work on Shree Krishna birthday

In a  report, actress Sweta Khadka is planning a comeback in her home production movie next year. The news came after the recent report of Sweta’s normal life and the return of her smile.

Video report (comeback news towards the end of the report):

Sweta had been mourning the death of her husband of a month, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha who died a month after their marriage last year.

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INAS Film Award 2015, winners (full list)

The third edition of INAS Film Award was held in Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi in Kathmandu. The award ceremony held on Sunday awarded director Tulsi Ghimire with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The award has has a cash prize of Rs. 100,000. The award ceremony was organized by the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRN) and the Film Development Board (FDB). In the program, NRN Upendra Mahato appreciated in the improvement in the quality of Nepali movies. Actor and musician Muralidhar expressed his happiness to be honored in a Nepali film award ceremony.

Watch the INAS Award winning movies here in xnepali:

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RIP Shree Krishna Shrestha mother

The mother of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, Jagat Kumari Shrestha, has died suddenly at a hospital in Kathmandu. 88-years old Jagat Kumari was taken to Om hospital for regular checkup on Tuesday. She died at the hospital on Wednesday night, on September 16.

Photo – Sweta Khadka poses with Jagat Kumari after returning from the USA in July 2015.

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Shree Krishna biography unveiled on his death anniversary

The biography of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha was unveiled in a program to mark the first anniversary of his death on Shrawan 25 in Kathmandu. In the program held in Russian Cultural Center, minister, FDB personnel and various film artists were present to pay homage to the late actor.

Audio video report of the event (coming soon):

In the event Sweta Khadka remembered Shree Krishna and the hardship she went through after his death. She also told that she wants to return to acting in near future.

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Sweta Khadka to donate Kohinoor collection in the USA to earthquake victims

Actress Sweta Khadka has expressed deep sorrow on the devastating earthquake in Nepal. The actress currently in the USA for her treatment and to show the movie Kohinoor has told that she also wants to help the victims. To show her support she has announced that all the income made by the movie show in the USA will go towards the earthquake relief in Nepal.

In addition to support, Sweta has also asked everybody to be strong and deal with the problem. She also asked people to say our family and help everybody in whatever way they can.

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Sweta Khadka talks to BBC about the loss of Shree Krishna Shrestha and life

In the first interview after the death of her husband of a month, Shree Krishna Shrestha, actress Sweta Khadka has spoken to BBC Nepali radio’s new section, ‘Anautho Byatha’. In the interview, Sweta talked about her condition, her faith and her definition of life. She also assured that she is trying to overcome the grief and start working again.

In the interview, Sweta cried a lot and told that she developed back pain and is being treated now.

A summary of the interview:

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Grievous statement of Sweta Khadka on Shree Krishna birthday

On the birthday of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, his wife actress Sweta Khadka has asked for his blessings to get well. In a long statement she wrote in Facebook, Sweta told that she is still sick and bed-ridden.

Although Sweta is impatient to work on the plans Shree and Sweta made before his death, her sickness has been a major hindrance. Sweta wrote, "In the previous birthdays I used to be present with a present, this time I have gathered the courage to ask a present of my wellness from you."

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Kohinoor piracy, chor police game goes on

When a copy of super-hit movie of late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, ‘Kohinoor’ appeared in YouTube, the producer/director Aakash Adhikari was shocked. After submitting a complaint YouTube removed the movie. But, some more users uploaded the movie again.

In the last few days multiple copies of the movie were uploaded in different user names. It looks like somebody is playing chor (thief) and the producer is playing police and submitting complaints to the video host before it removes it.

Aakash Adhikari organized a press meet on Wednesday to announce that the pirated copy was removed from the site. But, when we checked YouTube on Friday, there was at least one copy of the movie in the site (screenshot attached below).

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Sweta Khadka to live like a sister and daughter in Shree Krishna family

Sharing a group photo of Shree Krishna Shrestha‘s family actress Sweta Khadka has told that she is going to accept the family as her own home. In a Facebook post Sweta told, “I would like to live as a daughter and sister in this family.”

File: Sweta Khadka crying while watching ‘Kohinoor’

Sweta said, she had left her home to live with her husband whom she considered everything. Untimely death of Shree Krishna has left her lifeless.
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