Blocked sites in Nepal – Analysis of remaining websites in the list

This post is the second part – continued from the previous post: Blocked sites in Nepal – Analysis of first 10 websites in the list

“… stupidity rules in Nepal …”

… why is our government so worried about P-rn-Watchers’-pillars-of-the-nation? How about minding their own business & drafting Constitution on time?

Those were some of the responses to the ‘internet black list,’ the Nepal government prepared, with so much enthusiasm and dedication! In the previous post, I had given enough examples on what ‘the list’ was made up of. The six out of the first ten websites were no-brainier bull-sh*ts !

Let’s go through the remaining list:

Site No. 12 – This website features some magazine but, I couldn’t find any graphic materials in there. I didn’t bother to read  the content (and, I am more than confident that none of the decision makers of the list did read it!). The only apparent reason, the site falls in the list is that there is a taboo word in the title.

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