Nepali Movie – I am Sorry

i am sorryNepali Movie – I am Sorry
Starring – Aryan Sigdel, Keki Adhikari, Shyam Aryal etc.
Director – Dinesh Raut

Our review of “I am Sorry” was posted after the release of the movie on February 10, 2012. The movie reportedly took 18 months to complete and it was liked by many.

Our reviewer’s comment – ‘I am Sorry’ has a “good story, nice way of story telling, good music, wonderful locations and beautiful scenery.”

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I am Sorry – Movie Review

It took 18 months to complete in sharp contrast to Nepali movies these days that, get packed up within one-two months of shooting. The movie "I am Sorry" is an important movie to determine the future of its actors, actress, script writer and the director in their film career. The movie featuring Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari in the lead role was released on February 10, 2012 in theaters across Nepal.


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