Tamang Movie – Molam

molam tamang filmTamang Movie – Molam
Starring – Sunil Lama, Rajina Lama, Shanti Lama, Sandip Lama etc.
Director – Ram Tamang, Janak Gurung

The Tamang movie ‘Molam’ is a presentation of Mim Lama for Pancha Buddha Films. The movie made on a family drama is made on the script of the directors, Ram Tamang and Janak Gurung. The child artists in the movie are Jagat Man Blon and Surya Lama. The movie features the cinematography of Yubraj Rai choreography by Dinesh Pakhrin /Min Kaji Lama, music/ background music by Kuber Singh Dong, editing by Ashwan Shrestha and story / lyrics / assist. director Prakash Blon and action by Ram /Janak.

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Another Nepali movie in the track of ATM ?

We have received a small clip of the shooting of an upcoming movie ‘Fight Club’. The clip shows the actor grabbing the actress inappropriately. The actress doesn’t respond to the action of the actor.

(Youtube thought the video was inappropriate – attached below is a screenshot of the video instead)
Nepali Movie _Fight Club shooting video removed

The movie ‘ATM‘ also featured similar scenes and a lot of vulgar dialogues. We have no idea if the movie also have other sex scenes and vulgar dialogues, the scene in the video clip is similar to the one seen between actress Jiya KC and the producer/actor Dinesh Sharma. In this case, the name of the actress is not known.

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