Nepali Movie – Kabja

kabjaNepali Movie – Kabja
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Suvekshya Thapa, Krishna Bhatta, Raju Giri etc.
Director – Ralesh Sinha

A movie by Kishori Films, ‘Kabja’ was released on October of 2014. The movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt in leading role was advertised for being a movie made in Nepali language. But, in fact, it was dubbed from Bhojpuri. To trick the viewers, Suvekshya Thapa and Raju Giri have re-shot part of the movie to make it a Nepali one. While the part featuring Biraj Bhatt other artists are dubbed, the part featuring Suvekshya was shot in Nepali language.

On the day of its release, another movie of Biraj Bhatt, dubbed from Bhojpuri, ‘Gunda’ was also released in theater to compete with it. ‘Kabja’ is made on a story of two brothers.

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Friday release, Biraj Bhatt return in Kabja and Gunda

The movie featuring actor Biraj Bhatt has released in Nepali theater after a long time. The movie titled ‘Kabja’ is directed by Raju Giri and is released in 80 theaters all over Nepali. In the initial report, the movie opened houseful in some of the theaters.


It has been quite some time since Biraj is seen in Nepali movies. Because of the increased demand in Bojpuri movies, he hasn’t found much time to act in Nepali movie. Biraj says that he has agreed to do the movie when he heard the story.

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