Chhabi and Shyam Bhattarai planning Lanka sequel Lanka 2

In a latest report, director Shyam Bhattarai is teaming with Rekha Thapa‘s ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha to produce the hit movie ‘Lanka’ sequel. Both Chhabi and Shyam had been the victim of being stepping stones on the success of the top actress in the Nepali film industry.

rekha thapa and shyam bhattrai

Shyam and Chhabi have reportedly signed an agreement to take ‘Lanka 2’ to floor after Tihar. In the report, there is a high chance that Shilpa Pokharel will be featured in the lead role in the movie. We suspect, Shilpa’s future will be determined when her debut movie ‘Lazza’ releases in Tihar.

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