Poojana Stri to produce movies

Poojana Stri, previously known as Poojana Pradhan, has become the latest actress to debut as a producer. Poojana started her entertainment career as a model and then she started acting in movies. In the last few years, Poojana has started some businesses and has also been involved in spiritual and social works.


Poojana has registered her production company named Poojana Films and the firs movie she will produce is titled ‘Namaste Dubai’. The movie will feature Nepali workers in Dubai. Poojan
a has claimed that in addition to this movie, she has also prepared stories for her next two ventures.

The shooting of the movie will be done in Dubai and she has already received the shooting license from Media City. For the selection of the shooting spots Poojana had visited Dubai on September 13 and she had returned back last week to finalize other things. The movie will feature six lead actors including Ashish Purush and Rajkumar Neupane. Among the actresses Sandhya Bhandari and Poojana herself are finalized. The director and cinematographer of the movie are yet to be finalized.

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