Neeta’s 25 birthday announcement, production house

On the occasion of her 25th birthday, actress Neeta Dhungana has annouced a production house. On September 14, Neeta organized a birthday party and announced ‘Neeta Film Production’. Talking in the event she told, “In the last few years, the movies I worked failed to impress the viewers. I have decided to produce my own movies and give viewers the films they want. I am looking for a good script and the director. If everything goes as planned, I will start working in the first movie in six months.

Many Nepali actresses have produced their own movies but, only a few actress have been successful as a producer. Most of the actresses who have been successful had their husbands backing them up. For example, Rekha Thapa was successful because of Chhabi Raj Ojha. After she divorced Chhabi, the movies she has produced haven’t been as successful as before. But, Rekha is considered one of the most successful producers in the Nepali film industry. Similarly, actress Jharana Thapa had also been successful producer. Jharana’s husband Sunil Kumar Thapa was the force behind her production. Despite of the support of her producer husband, actress Karishma Manandhar has failed in her production ventures. Now, actress Shilpa is producing movies with the help of Chhabi Raj Ojha. Actress Pooja Sharma is producing movies with the help of Sudarshan Thapa and Deepa Shree Niraula is producing movies with Deepak Raj Giri.
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