Yuvraj Lama's team working to establish a sports college in Nepal

Yuvaraj_lama_sports_councilYuvaraj Lama, the filmmaker, was criticized for taking over the Nepal Sports Council in June. In spite of professionally being a filmmaker, a totally different field, he claimed that he was a sportsman before starting film making. Now, he has started showing how he can do something different for Nepali sports.

Yuvraj recently told that he is initiating something good for the future of sports in Nepal. He said, he and his team are working to establish a sports college in near future. Although, the college will no
t offer a graduate level course initially, it will be  a good start for the development of professionalism of sports in Nepal.

Yuvraj, in his Facebook profile told:

My team is working to establish sports collage in Nepal… first phase it will be plus two..this will be first of its kind..