'Chaukhat' Actress Ranju Jha declared a martyr

The actress Ranju Jha who was killed on a bomb blast at Ramananda Chowk of Janakpur on Monday is declared a martyr by the government. After the declaration, Ranju’s family receives Rs. 1 million. 35 year-old Ranju’s husband works in Delhi and was the mother of two sons.


The struggling actress has shown a great potential in Nepali acting. She was lead actress in the award winning short film ‘Chaukhat’ by Deepak Rauniyar. Ranju had also acted in some television films and short movies. She was featured in a tele-serial ‘Aama-2’ by Madan Krishna Shrestha and Ha
ri Bansha Acharya, and other tele-serials like "Shristi" and "Kala-azar". A well known actor, director, Nir Shah, was so impressed by Ranju’s talent that he wrote an article in Kantipur daily remembering her.

In total, four people, including Ranju, were killed and more than 18 others were injured when a bomb was blasted at the venue of a sit-in protest by the Mithila State Struggle Committee at Ramananda Chowk in Janakpur on Monday morning.