RIP Rupa Thapa, Magar Film actress died in an accident after 11 days of marriage

The newly-married couple of Rupa Thapa Magar met with an accident while going home from Rupa’s parental home. They were returning home after their first visit of Rupa’s parental home after marriage. The tragic event that happened after 11 days of the marriage took the life of Rupa Thapa and her husband Mahesh Pun is struggling in life-threatning condition in the hospital.

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Rupa Thapa had acted in a Magar film titled ‘Larfu’ (Pachayuri) and was also a radio jockey in various FM stations in Palpa.

Rupa and Mahesh were returning home from Palpa to Gulmi in a scooter. The scooter Lu 37 Pa 3090 crashed with a car (SUV) number Lu 1 Cha 7256 coming from opposite direction at Myalunga of Syanjga. The couple were seriously injured in the accident and were rushed to the local hospital – Lumbini Medical College Hospital in Palpa. Rupa was pronounced dead and Mahesh is being treated in the hospital.

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Rekha Thapa’s quest for a secured future – politics, social work, direction and business

Based on her actions these days, we can easily guess that actress Rekha Thapa is feeling insecure and impatient to to start something other than acting.

Actress Rekha Thapa

After enjoying a decade-long position of being top actress, she might be well aware that new actresses might dethrone her any time. That might be one of the reasons she was the only winners who didn’t attend the National Film Award ceremony. Rekha later accused the organizers of asking her money for the award.

After the National Award Ceremony Rekha had expressed her dissatisfaction of Garima Pant winning the Best Actress award in SAARC Film Festival and the National Film Award. She made a whole lot of fuss about her not knowing about the SAARC film festival and likes. She also didn’t like Neeta Dhungana winning an award in the National Film Award. She even accused Jharana Thapa winning the award because of her close ties with the FDB chief Pappu. Although Rekha’s accusation were serious nobody took it seriously. Is that a sign that Rekha was feeling grossly insecure as an actress?

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'Chaukhat' Actress Ranju Jha declared a martyr

The actress Ranju Jha who was killed on a bomb blast at Ramananda Chowk of Janakpur on Monday is declared a martyr by the government. After the declaration, Ranju’s family receives Rs. 1 million. 35 year-old Ranju’s husband works in Delhi and was the mother of two sons.

The struggling actress has shown a great potential in Nepali acting. She was lead actress in the award winning short film ‘Chaukhat’ by Deepak Rauniyar. Ranju had also acted in some television films and short movies. She was featured in a tele-serial ‘Aama-2’ by Madan Krishna Shrestha and Ha
ri Bansha Acharya, and other tele-serials like "Shristi" and "Kala-azar". A well known actor, director, Nir Shah, was so impressed by Ranju’s talent that he wrote an article in Kantipur daily remembering her.

In total, four people, including Ranju, were killed and more than 18 others were injured when a bomb was blasted at the venue of a sit-in protest by the Mithila State Struggle Committee at Ramananda Chowk in Janakpur on Monday morning.

Flashback 2010 – Nepali celebrities – Actresses

After the analysis of the movies released in 2010 (in Part 1 and Part 2), let’s look back to 2010 and analyze the works of actors and directors to see who were successful and who were unsuccessful in the Nepali film industry.

Nepali Actresses

With two hits movies and an appreciable performance on Bato Muni Ko Phul, Rekha Thapa is the front runner in the list of successful persons in Nepali movie industry in the year 2010. Rekha’s role in Hifajat, Kasle Choryo Mero Mann and Bato Muni Ko Phul were appreciated by the viewers. Her glamorous role in other movies couldn’t leave a long lasting impression in the viewers.

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Richa Ghimire marriage (Update – photos)

Richa Ghimire, actress, is going tie her knots with Shankar Ghimire, film director, today. They had been busy for the last few days, preparing for the marriage.

Richa would have been happy enough by ‘court marriage’ but her family and Shankar insisted in doing it in a more traditional fashion. Richa had a mehendi ceremony in which her friends and family applied mehendi on her hands and feet. Applying mehendi is an Indian tradition and it has encroached Nepali society in recent days.

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