Best value Copy-Paste offer ?

Art students copy the arts of renowned artists to learn and understand the technique. Such a practice is not meant to steal  other’s creativity and say that it is their own creation.

After witnessing such unethical practices in Nepali movies, it is time other sectors also resort to stealing other’s creations. Shuphal Kafle of Ujyaalo 90 network has found that the popular Republica advertisement was in fact copied from the advertisement of a Ukraine based company Kiev Assist.


The advertisement of Nepali newspaper reads “Best value offer! perfect combination of information and & entertainment” instead of the original “KIEV ASSIST UKRAINE”. Does that mean, Republica offers the “best value” copy-paste offer?

I am not 100% sure that the photo was the Ukrainian website’s original creation. Similar types of photos are also available for purchase for the use in print and digital media and this photo might be one of them. Even in such cases, using such photos for it’s own advertisement shows the lack of maturity and dedication of the media house, as big as Republica.

Such a copy-paste practice is very common in Nepali movie industry. The posters of Nepali movies Premika, Ghamanda, Hifajat, K Yo Maya Ho, Tridev etc. were found to be exact copies of different Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It seems, other sectors are joining the copy-paste trend!

5 houses damaged in city fire & conflicting reports from the same media house

Five houses caught fire at a densely populated area of Tahanani, nearby Itumbahal in the capital, Kathmandu, on Friday evening (April 16, 2010). Nagariknews, one of the top newspaper in Nepal published the news about the fire. The media house publishes Nagarik (Nepali) and Republica (English) newspapers. The same news in the two newspapers have different news.

Republica says that  the fire broke out from Prem Maharjan’s house but Nagariknews says it was Maharatna Maharjan. Republica says the fire was controlled in 2 hours but Nagarik says it took 4 hours to control the fire. I have posted the screenshot for comparison below.
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