When movie posters are not original- Premika poster compared with 100% Love poster

What can you expect from the film makers who can’t even design the posters of their own movies?

Do you believe the following poster is of Nepali movie?


No, the poster is not that of a Nepali movie. It is one of the posters of a Telugu (a South Indian) movie named “100% Love”.Nepali film makers copied everything from the poster and made a Nepali version. What is more surprising is that, they didn’t even do a photo session – just copy-pasted the photo.

A poster is considered the face of a movie. It is an advertisement, a marketing tool, and a tool viewers use to decide if they want to see the movie or not. When that poster is a copy of another movie, it is clear everything else is a copy too.

Now, let’s compare the poster above with that of a latest Nepali movie – Ramji Lamichhane’s  ‘Premika‘.

The only difference between the two posters is the text in it. I suspect the text design of “Premika” is also a copy from somewhere although, I can’t confirm it.

In the past, we have seen that Nepali movie makers are poor copier. Given that, I can safely assume “Premika” is not worth going to theater for.

We had previously written about other plagiarism in Nepali movie posters like

  • Ghamanda poster was an exact copy of an English movie “The Blade”.
  • Rekha Thapa‘s Hifajat being exact copy of a poster of Hollywood movie “Resident Evil: Extention”
  • “Tridev” poster designer had also doctored the poster from the poster of a Bollywood film “Tashan”.
  • Another latest movie “K Yo Maya Ho” had it’s posters with the film name text designed similar to that of the name of a Bollywood movie, “Om Shanti Om” and image design similar to Hollywood movie “The Final Break”. It was not a true copy paste, as in the posters mentioned above, but the design was similar.

It’s not only in Nepali movie industry, we had spotted similar cheating in Bollywood movie “Murder 2” in July.