eBay's top seller Dario Lopez is a Nepali, Sudip Gautam

A 13 year old kid selling SIM cards in eBay has grown to be the top seller in eBay. The Schoolkid trader, known as Dario Lopez, is in fact a Nepali living in UK, Sudip Gautam. The 21 year old Sudip now owns a company with 13 staffs and an annual turnover of more than £3million.

Sudip has opened his first high street shop and has plans to open a chain of stores across Britain in future. BBC says, Sudip comes from Gulmi district and he started selling sim cards on eBay in 2004. These days, he sells more than 2,000 items in eBay.

Our congratulation to Sudip and we wish him success in the future.

Some media covers of Sudip:


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