Guna Cinema case study – Who loves Nepali movies?

Editor’s Note: When Big Cinema told that Nepali movies don’t have quality to be featured in its theater, we took it seriously. Raunak Niroula is doing a more detailed fact-check analysis for the “Who loves Nepali Movies?” article series. This is the case study of Guna Cinema, Gwarko, Lalitpur. Does Guna Cinema love Nepali movies? Let’s see. All photos were taken by Raunak.

If you have visited some of the multiplex movie theaters in Kathmandu, you might have noticed how they treat the Nepali movie viewers when compared to the Hindi and English movie viewers. If you haven’t noticed these facts, here is the proof.

It’s not only that Nepali movies are screened in small screen, within a small room located at the corner, the difference can be easily seen from the outside.

The following photo shows the entrance of Guna Cinema. As you can see – this portion of the cinema hall is extremely neglected. If you get an impression that Guna is a low quality cinema hall in Nepal, wait until you see the next photo.

guna-cinema-gwarko-nepali-movies-show-entrancePhoto 1: Guna Cinema entrance located outside and open – is mainly used for viewers of Nepali movies

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