Teriya Magar won the DID L’il Master, Season 3 title

In the final held on June 21 in Zee TV, 11-years old Nepali dancer Teriya Magar has become the DID L’il Master Season 3.

There were 40,000 applicants in the dance reality show in Zee TV. In the contest that run till the mid-night in Pune, India Teriya was awarded with Rs. 1 million cash and a car. Teriya’s father, who works in Dubai, had also taken an emergency leave to be present at the contest.

Similarly, the 7-years-old Anushka Chhetri, a dancer of Nepali origin in Darjeeling won the second place in the dance competition. Sadbin and Hardik were the second runner up and the third runner ups respectively.

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