Top 10 Attractive Women of 2017, Who are missing ?

For the last few years, the weekly publication of Kantipur, Saptahik had been publishing the list of top 10 Women and Men of the year on the Valentine’s Day. This year’s list include some top women in the country.

The list contains five new entries when compared to the last year’s list. New entries this year are actress Samragyee RL Shah, sports person Gaurika Singh, actress and director Deepa Shree Niraula, actress Keki Adhikari and sports person and actress Sipora Gurung.

Watch the Top 10 women of 2017

The Missing Women

It is good to see the talents like Gaurika Singh and Sipora Gurung in the Top 10 list. But, I think, the list misses some of the Nepali women who had been very attractive because of their good deeds in their respective fields:
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Why celebrities leave Nepal? Tenzing Sherpa to Prabal Gurung to Teriya Magar

These days it is quite common – successful Nepali people readily leave Nepal to live in foreign countries. When asked, they tell that, there is better opportunities in other countries. They tell that they ‘represent Nepal’ in whatever they do (like Teriya Magar). They claim that they are a Nepali ‘in heart’ and artistes have no borders (Udit Narayan). Is that true?

It is not only celebrities that are leaving Nepal, virtually everybody, capable of working or studying, is leaving in the name of work or education respectively. The effect is evident – I have heard about multiple instances in Nepal – about offices not receiving enought applications to fill vacancies in some specialized jobs. One of my friends had complained about how difficult it is to find a specialized employee. He added, “If found one, retaining that guy for long is a nightmare.”

I have a few unanswered questions:

  • Is brain drain good or bad ?
    If it is good – it should be promoted. If bad, government should be doing something about that
  • It it easy for the celebrities in foreign country?
    I think, it is always easier for them to live in their own countries. Something bigger is forcing them to take the risk and challenge. Many well known celebrities at home seem to be happy with odd jobs in foreign countries.
  • Who is causing this?
    I think somebody/some system is pushing unwilling talents out of Nepal. Who is that? Why is that?

I have compiled the list of Nepali talents who have left Nepal:
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Hrithik Roshan impressed by Teriya dance, offered to dance with her in a movie

The Bollywood actor and dancer, Hrithik Roshan, was one of the guests of the finale of Jhalak Dikhalaja, Season 9. After watching the performance of Teriya Magar and her partner, Hrithik was so impressed that he offered to dance with them in a movie. He said,’I is a wrong thinking that girls can’t do as well as boys. Today Teriya, you have ruled.” He added, “I wanted to try this at one time. At that time, I want you to do it with me.” He also added, “And, we will do it in a movie.”

Watch video report:

Was Hrithik’s offer a credible offer?

Technically, it was not an offer. It was a plan Hrithik Roshan made right after watching Teriya’s performance. It was a impulse reaction without any backup plan. So, there is no plan of her role in any movies. I don’t know if Hrithik will remember his offer.
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Teriya Magar wins Jhalak Dikhhlaja 9, former Dance India Dance winner wins Indian Reality TV competition again

Nepali dancer, Teirya Magar has won the Jhalak DikhhlaJa season 9 title, a reality dance competition held by Colors TV. The former Dance India Dance winner Teriya had won the title in the competition recorded recently. The official result is yet to be out as the show will be aired on Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Teriya is just 14 years old and she was one of the youngest dancers in the competition.

video report:

As the report is unofficial, we need to wait till Saturday evening for the official confirmation. After winning the competition, Teriya has won 3 Million Indian rupees and a Reynold Duster car. The judges of the competition were Karan Johar, Farah Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Ganesh Haj. The dance choreographer of Teriya was Rishikesh and her dance partner was Aryan.

How did Teriya Magar win?

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Cultural program held in UAE to help earthquake victims

Nepali artists participated in a cultural program held in UAE for free to help earthquake victims. In the program held in Abu Dhabi artists including Rajesh Hamal, Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula, singler Tilak Bam Malla, Indra GC, Samjhana Lamichane, Prajita Gelal and Aastha Raut had given their presentation to the audience. The DID Little Master winner Teriya Magar had also danced in the stage.

More than 3,000 viewers were present in the program held in a school on Friday, July 12. The school had also provided the venue free to help the noble cause of the program. The money collected from the program will be transferred to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund.

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Teriya Magar won the DID L’il Master, Season 3 title

In the final held on June 21 in Zee TV, 11-years old Nepali dancer Teriya Magar has become the DID L’il Master Season 3.

There were 40,000 applicants in the dance reality show in Zee TV. In the contest that run till the mid-night in Pune, India Teriya was awarded with Rs. 1 million cash and a car. Teriya’s father, who works in Dubai, had also taken an emergency leave to be present at the contest.

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Teriya Magar arrives home after heart touching performance in Indian TV

UPDATE: She was offered a very warm welcome in her hometown in Rupendehi. Here is a video of the street parade and an appreciation ceremony.:

*The original post continues*

A young and skilled dancer, Teriya Phouja Magar has arrived in Kathmandu to go to her hometown Butwal, Nepal after making super performance in Indian dance show Dance India Dance Li’l Masters. Teriya looked very happy on the warm reception she got from her well wishers and fans.

A short video clip of Teriya Magar’s arrival in Kathmandu Airport:

Teriya Magar has come home to take a rest and shot ‘Hometown’ video after being selected in the Top Five finalist list.

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