The real reason of the new twist in Paul Shah case

The accuser of the Paul Shah case has changed her statement. She has told that the police had forcefully took her previous statement and it was not her actual statement.

(The court order of Tanahun District Court and latest report that she had changed her statement)

According to reports, Paul Shah and his family had approached her to change her statement. If she agrees to change the statement, Paul had promised to marry her. As she had always been a fan of Paul Shah, she has a soft corner towards Paul.

According to reports, Paul Shah had promised to marry her right after being released from jail. When the girl failed to acknowledge his proposal, his parents visited her and promised the same.

8 things that is reported to have happened are:

– In the beginning Paul Shah was confident that he would get out of the trouble easily. That was what he told before he surrendered to the police. As soon as he went inside, lights were shed on the reality of the case.
– At the Tanahun district court, the court refused to let him release in bail. He went to Pokhara regional court with an apeal.
– Then at the Nawalpur District Court, same verdict was given. He was sent to jail again.
– He had spent a lot of money on the lawyer. At the Tanahun hearing, there were 12 lawyers vs 9 on the opposite side to prove him innocent. They couldn’t change anything. Same thing happened at Nawalpur court, even worse. There were 9 lawyers by Paul Shah deliberating against three lawyers on their against. Having more lawyers didn’t help.
– Paul’s lawyer started talking with everybody involved. There was no way out by the regular process. The judges told the same to them.
– Paul was really disappointed and felt helpless. Those who had visited him in jail told that he had asked them to help in whatever way they can to get him out.
– The lawyers suggested that the only way out was to ask the victim to change her statement.
– Paul Shah promised to marry her as soon as he gets out of jail. But, that didn’t work as he had made such promises numerous time before. She wouldn’t believe on his promises
– Paul’s parents took it over and they went to meet her. They made such promises and convinced her to change her statement.

The details was published by Nepal Samaya online.

Video report on the case:

Let me give all the details of the case and video reports:

It started in October of 2021 when I started reporting about the case. That was when the the singer started posting about the case in her social media post. Right after that Paul Shah forced her to change her statement. She wrote a long statement and Paul also wrote a long statement.

In November Paul created a scene by boycotting journalists in a program he was participating. It is clear he was not easy with what was happening.

The case was not solved then. In the new year 2022, it again surfaced when the singer teased with similar statements. This was the beginning the the case: In January she decided to fight with Paul Shah:

In February – right after Valentine Day, things went worse when she talked to people who work for women right. One of her audio was released in news.

Right after that Paul Shah convinced her to appear in an interview and say everything was not true.

I talked about the case and mind of children in a video report before she lodged a complaint.

Paul was issued an arrest warrant. He canceled his participation at the premier show of his movie ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2’ and went on hiding:

Police was looking for him but he went into hiding for a few days.

Police arrested his movie’s director Sudarshan Thapa. That created a pressure on Paul Shah to surrender to the Tanahun Police.

Paul released a video statement before going to Tanahun. In the video it is clear that he wasn’t aware of the gravity of the situation. He was talking about watching his movie and promoting his movie in the statement. He was very confident that he was innocent. It is clear, he took the situation much lightly than it actually was.

He had a huge support from his fans. That created a new situation in Tahanun. A lot of his fans flocked there. A lot of YouTubers reported the case live. The government was forced to take action against them.

Government brought in new rules and laws. A lot of youtubers were arrested:

Then Paul Shah’s manager Krishna Prasad Joshi was arrested in Tahanun. He was also included in the accusation later. Krishna Prasad Joshi had actually released an interview detailing everything he did against Paul Shah and the singer. That was one of the reasons of his arrest.

They all had surprising statements :

Then Paul Shah was taken to jail on the order of District Court. Paul Shah’s lawyers challenged that to upper court.

And then in the second case at Nawalpur court, same thing repeated. Paul was sent to jail again:

Minister Prem Ale awarded Paul the best actor award:

Now, the singer has changed her statement. This is an ongoing case and more update will follow in coming days.

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