Watch Love Station (Full Movie) even before the film is released

Pradeep Khadka and Jassita Gurung starrer film ‘Love Station’ is not yet released in theatre. Only the trailer of the film is released. But, based on the scenes in the film, it is highly likely that the movie is an actual copy of this Turkish film, titled ‘Her Sey Asaktan’.

The trailer starts with actress Jassita Gurung coming out of ‘Love Station Restaurant and Lounge’. The character Gurung is featured in is alarmed by the sound of horn of a car. The reaction of Jassita is exact copy of a scene in ‘Her Sey Asaktan’. It is not only the scene, the vehicle Pradeep is driving and that in the Turkish film is of similar design.

Based on this scene, it is clear that the director has copied it in the Nepali film. It is highly likely that the whole film is copied from the movie.

I think, the original scene is more seasoned and better presented than the Nepali version. Although the dialogue delivery seems okey, the scene execution is somewhat sloppy in the Nepali movie.

Watch the first minute of the trailer (attached below) and compare it with the scent at 7 minutes location in the following video.

Nepali film makers copying scenes and stories from foreign film is not a new thing. I think it is not a bad practice either. If rightly executed, Nepali audience would benefit from the high quality foreign films. But, the problem is, they can’t even copy them properly.

The movie ‘Love Station’ is made on the story of the director Ujjwal Ghimire. Ghimire is known as a good film director.

The Pradeep Khadka and Jassita Gurung couple was liked by the viewers in their previous film ‘Lily Bily’. The trailer of ‘Love Station’ has been well received. More than a million views in a short time is a good response. If the film proves to be a copy of foreign film, and if it is a bad copy, I guess Nepali viewers would rather watch it in YouTube than go to theatre to watch it.

Can you see more similar scenes in the trailer and the film? Please comment.

My report about the trailer and poster of the film.

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  1. When will this love station nepali movie will be update on the youtube m reli excited to watch n m still waiting 4 this new nepali movie (Love statino)

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