Waterproof laptops, waterproof watches, and marketing strategy

A demonstration of waterproof laptops in Hotel Radisson reminded me of the ‘amphibian watches’ sold on the streets of Bhotahity.

We have seen a lot of ‘waterproof’ wrist-watches being sold in the streets. These amphibian watches are actually being dipped in salt-water and normal water easily damage them. So, What You See (WYS) is not What You Get (WYG). The difference between the photo above and below: the chicks on the photo above are models on tights and the one below can’t afford to be slim and sexy enough!

Questions arise: Do they need to pour water on the laptop to show that it is waterproof enough? I can coat my laptop with water repellents and pour a couple of such bottles!

How long will our business people continue to believe in such short-sighted marketing strategies? By the way, the demonstration was done on NEC laptop model in an event held in a hotel in Kathmandu.

Update: Thanks to a visitor, someone, who showed my mistake in the comment. I don’t doubt the laptop being waterproof but, I was only pointing out the way it was presented.

One thought on “Waterproof laptops, waterproof watches, and marketing strategy

  1. hey brothers and sisters hosting this website first of all please get the full information about anything and then only comment on them. this program was not held on the hotel yak and yeti but in hotel radisson and another thing, this laptop can work even you pour the water not only from bottle, you can come to its office and check as you wish.try to be positive atleast in some of the events.every time critisizing negatively is not good.
    so please analyse the things first and then only comment
    please display this message to all don’t hide this.
    than you

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