Real – inedible material again – When will Dabur take responsibility?

The Real Juice, real worms, and real inedible materials have been reported almost every days and from different part of the country. This time the news is from Eastern Nepal, Jhapa where a five-year-old was unlucky enough to fall prey of the product.

It is strange how can such a big, multi-national company can be so negligent. It is equally strange, the government of Nepal hasn’t opened its mouth in this case.

Has anybody cared about the health of the little kids hot sucked those tainted juices? Did they get the proper treatments? Will anybody make sure that Dabur will pay their medical treatment costs?

I wish the three-way tug-of-war between the Indian Embassy – political leaders – and Nepali Journalist will finish soon and they will get into the real problem – not the ‘Real juice problem’! (Photo and news credit – Nayapatrika)

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