WFP – Rotten Rice and Diarrhea outbreak

The government has confirmed that the rice supplied by the World Food Programme of UN to western hilly regions was the main reason behind outbreak of the diarrhea epidemic that took away as many as 300 lives so far.

UNWFP country representative Richard Ragan and WHO representative Dr. Alexander Andjaparidze in a statement had said, “This is an unscientifically proven statement that could further endanger the lives of people who may decide to skip or reduce needed food in a misguided attempt to protect themselves from this outbreak. Spreading false information that food is the source of cholera contamination will only put more lives at risk.”

Well, you should eat rotten rice – not even fit to feed animals and live happily (hopefully!) if yo
u happen to live in remote places like Jajarkot and surroundings.

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