What happened to Rekha Thapa stardom? Diarry omits Rekha in the Poster

It is a surprising move by ‘Diarry’ to omit actress Rekha Thapa from its poster. A couple of posters released recently features only the producer/actress Chhulthim Gurung and the debut actor in the movie – Sunny Singh. Actress Rekha Thapa is featured in a negative role in the movie.

A video report:

There was the time when Rekha Thapa could carry a film to success. Film producers would feature Rekha’s face in prominent position in the movie even when she is featured in a short/guest roles. ‘Dairrys’ attempt to ignore Rekha Thapa is an indication that it doesn’t need Rekha to be successful.

Let me analyze why ‘Diarry’ might be skeptical in featuring Rekha Thapa in it’s poster.

Flop Actress

Most of Rekha Thapa films have flopped in the recent past. Almost all of out-of-home-production banner films have flopped in the recent past and her last movie ‘Rampyari’ wasn’t as successful as expected.

See, the past 3-years’ releases of Rekha Thapa and what was the result:

Political bias of Rekha Thapa

Acting and politics doesn’t go together. You can either be a politician or an artist. Being both is a like dropping the political axe on your artistic feet. That is because no political parties can have one hundred percent approval of the people. Politics divide the viewers – the fans become foes if their political views doesn’t match the artists.

Rekha Thapa had alienated some of her fans when she joined CPN (Maoist) three years ago. Now, when she joined pro-royalist party Rastriya Prajatantra Party, all those Maoist fans have felt betrayed. Now, Rekha is contending the Deputy Mayor post in Kathmandu Metro. Based on the candidates of other parties and the performance of her political party in the past election – there is very slim chance of her winning the election. Whether she wins or loses – it would be a huge loss in her career as an actress:

  1. If Rekha wins – She would be busy in her job as a Deputy Mayor and wouldn’t be able to act anymore. Based on the past experience, being in a public office would create more enemies than friends.
  2. If Rekha loses – Rekha is known for her strong character – winning in whatever she does. A defeat would damage her image in her fans.

Yes politics is really bad for an actress!

The movie ‘Diarry’ is releasing right after the election. A win might be helpful for this particular movie but a defeat would be damaging. That might be the reason the film makers have decided to exclude Rekha from the promotional poster.

Rekha Thapa Negative character

Unlike other Rekha Thapa movies, ‘Diarry’ features Rekha in a negative role. The role doesn’t have the glamour to be featured in the poster.

In the other hand, Chhulthim and Sunny Singh are the leading characters of the movie. They also seem to represent the new generation that the movie seem to be targeting. Rekha Thapa’s fan base is mostly in villages and single-screen theatre. The movie ‘Diarry’ seem to be targeted to the city viewers and multi-plex theatres.

Whatever may be the case, it was a bold move by the film maker to omit Rekha Thapa from the poster. The poster in question might not be the only promotional posters of the movie. So, in future they might even have more posters with Rekha Thapa in them. Rekha is a prominent figure in the trailer of the movie, so Rekha’s appearance in poster is expected in future versions of the posters.

The movie ‘Diarry’ started its shooting in September:

A video about Chhulthim Gurung:

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