Friday release – Damdar, Red Monsoon and Aakal

This Friday, on May 9, three new Nepali movies are releasing in theater. Kamal Krishna movie ‘Damdar’, Eelum Dixit presentation ‘Red Monsoon’ and Nir Shah movie ‘Aakal’ are competing to win the hearts of the Nepali viewers in theaters all over Nepal.

Red Monsoon

Well known theater director Eelum Dixit is debuting in big screen movie in ‘Red Monsoon’. Eelum is a well known director of telefilms and theater plays who had completed bachelor in film acting and direction in New York. The movie is the retelling of a short story titled ‘Sharan’ by Karuna Sharma.

red monsoon poster

The movie tells the story of struggling young generation in Kathmandu. The movie features Himali Dixit, Sandip Chhetri, Sarita Giri, Shristi Ghimire and Hari Bansha Acharya in main roles. The director Eelum has written the script and dialogue of the movie produced by US film makers.


Movie directed by Kamal Krishna featuring Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha in main roles. The movie produced by Suman Bista features Archana Dellala, Babu Pudasaini, and Kamal Krishna in main roles. The movie made on the story of Nawaraj Sharma features the music of the director himself, choreography of Roshan Shrestha, cinematography of Shaurav Lama, editing of Shreeram Mahat and action of Chandra Pant.


The movie produced and directed by Nir Shah, ‘Aakal’ was made 8 years ago. A light thriller movie is different from the movies Nir Shah is known for. The movie features Rekha Thapa, , Nabin Shrestha and Nir Shah in main role. The movie features the music of Kamal Krishna.

Both ‘Damdar’ and ‘Aakal’ feature the music of Kamal Krishna and the lead actress is the same – Rekha Thapa. Rekha however isn’t promoting any of the movies.

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